March – May
Recording for orchestral stage shows

June – July
Stage design, costume design, storyboard and all that fun stuff

Recording forthcoming piano album, “Memento”

October – November
In Japan…
-Finalised promotion plans for piano albums

In U.K….
-Met Power Promotions (No.1 Club & Pop Music Promotion Company in the UK) to discuss forthcoming releases

-Met Marshall Arts (international entertainment agency representing Celine Dion, Elton John, Taylor Swift, etc.) to discuss future collaborations

-Worked with Pip Williams on orchestral stage shows in the UK and Europe


January – March
Recording forthcoming pop album, “White Raven”

Invited to perform for the Youth Diabetes Action (YDA) Spring Fling Charity Gala on April 29th

1st rehearsal with young performers at The Kids Gallery for the YDA event

In the U.S.A…
– Discussed collaborations with various parties on the stage shows, venues, TV special and films

Photoshoot with Studio Harcourt (legendary photography studio in Paris created in 1934 inspired by the golden era of cinema)

YDA event press conference

1st rehearsal with young violinist for the YDA event

In discussions with various national youth orchestras for upcoming orchestral shows in Asia and the U.K.

Final rehearsal with all young performers for the YDA event

Rehearsal with the band for the YDA event

Youth Diabetes Action Spring Fling Gala

Composing for the forthcoming orchestral album, “Black Halo”

Watch this space……